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"With The Pocketknife Bible, Anis Mojgani has crafted a strange hybrid of poem and novella, built out of his boyhood in New Orleans, growing up a child of two races in a city rich with story and music. Sparse yet richly written, direct in its delivery but ghost-like in its touch, Mojgani takes his readers to a world where a boy who uses his own heart to time travel to his own future, where dead grandfathers fly kites, and cloaked men grow operas in the earth. A land where he crosses paths with a young man feeding off the dark birds of grief, and of who the boy is unaware of how he must save the man because of the unknown threads that connect them. The surreal language and imagery that Mojgani is best known for, takes root in new ways in this new book, that centers on the terrible and wondrous country of childhood we have all traveled through, even as it still travels through us."  Order here.


"After six years of touring the country, Anis Mojgani has combed through out-of-print editions to put together a best-of collection for his third Write Bloody release. Popular poems (Some with over 200,000 “Likes” on YouTube) such as “Direct Orders (rock out)”, “Shake the Dust”, “Here Am I” and more, are collected here alongside lost poems, favorite poems and new unpublished works. The book showcases what audiences have come to expect from Anis–uplifting words, playful surrealism, and the journey through imagination. Songs From Under the River allows fans and new readers alike the chance to follow the trajectory of Anis’ development, themes, and style of work over his 15 year career." Order here.



"One of Write Bloody Publishing's top five selling titles. Science, birds, Billy the Kid, and lots of feathers surround The Feather Room, Anis Mojgani’s follow up to his Pushcart-nominated work, Over the Anvil We Stretch. In The Feather Room, Mojgani further explores storytelling in poetic form while traveling farther down the path of magic realism, endowing his tales with a greater sense of fantasy and brightness. TThroughout the book, Mojgani opens tree trunks to reveal chandeliers. He leads us through the rooms inside himself, using poems to part curtains and paint walls. He is lifting windows to let the fantasy indoors. The work recounts loss and heartbreak while discovering lightness and beauty on the other side."  Order here.



"Over The Anvil We Stretch contains swampy, powerful poems that are as exciting as the pocket knife you got for your birthday, the three legged frog on the lawn and the jar of marbles your mother kept in the kitchen. Mojgani’s poems are the sound of the river and the stars burning above. He manages to capture the axe in the stump with blood still on the handle. Anis Mojgani has drawn a map of the country in the shape of his wild dreams. These are memories of a life, captured through the blue green filter of the bayou. Mojgani’s latest poems are tinged with the sound of crickets spying on us in the darkness. They move forward honestly, brutally and sweetly. The reader will be led into briar patches as well as the moonlight just on the other side." Order here.


The title says it all. Live recordings from two separate features: the Seattle Poetry Slam in 2005, and at the Vancouver Poetry Slam's 2007 finals. Available via Bandcamp.


I recorded these poems back in Savannah Georgia sometime between 2001 and 2002 in my roommate Matt Bogart's bedroom. So many moons ago. Most of these are poems are poems I haven't done in years, and none of them are how I would read them now. They are particular to the time and age I was at the time, so I thought that some folks might be interested to hear stuff from a decade ago. Available via Bandcamp.